Perfect Green Light

The song that I heard
came remote from the tiny radio,
the kind with only one speaker
so that no matter how deep or bright it can go
it still never sounds like stereo;
it was a small and bright song
just small and remote like the radio
itself, a wakeup song, bright
obviously meant to be played aloud
through a one-speaker radio…

…and like any song, it clashes against
the rocks, the cliff-face of
songs in my mind,
songs with notes that never
quite die out, even in silence:

Moonlight Serenade
Rhapsody In Blue
Stairway To Heaven
I Wanna Be Your Dog
I Hate Myself And Want To Die

And this song, like all those songs
plays out against a double harmony
of all the notes that aren’t there
and all the notes ever played before it.

Should I keep it a secret? I had saved it
for the end, but really like a
nervous insane man with a nervous tick
maybe sucking at his lip or squinting his eye or
rubbing his crotch at the worst times possible
like him I am obsessed—
with that eerie green light
green like it is beneath some
tropic ocean, I imagine,
the whole car cabin like that
seemingly under water, it even
gleams, glistens
though that is the blood
of course, blood pitch black
in the drone of the green light.

He blew his mind out in a car
He didn’t notice that the lights…

…and the whole scene is a pieta,
a sacred tableau to the flow
of the world we’re in, the word
that encases us like a giant
glass sky-dome, the word now
but only so much more than now
for it is now and now and now
and tomorrow and forever after
and you can’t escape it, not even
underwater on a busy London street
nor fleeing 90 miles an hour
along a California freeway
except, maybe, if you’re fleeing to desert
or some other timeless place
(there are fewer and fewer these days).

So, this was the song I heard
echoing off the sky
taking its place among the others,
even ones I forgot to mention, like—

Purple Haze, Siegfried’s Death March—

among all those songs that strain the air
that etch themselves into time until one day
for no reason except that God would know
you find yourself humming them.
I think I’ve written about this song before,
about its ending, but like I said, I’m
a crazy man, obsessed, underwater…