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Awesome Poets

Poets I’ve Met Poets Extant…Or Something
Judy Reeves, Writer & Writing Provocateur
One of the friendliest and most influential “writers’ workshop” practitioners in the country, Judy is an accomplished poet and storyteller in her own right. She also has some Dorian-Gray-style deal involving her typewriter.
Cecilia Llompart
“The Wingless” is one of my favorite volumes of poetry of all time.
Carol Moscrip
My Older Sister In Poetry
Also, no web presence; I think it’s a poet thing
She passed away, so I guess this entry is “…or something”; still she had/has a unique, powerful voice

Writing Fetishes

  • Cliarefontaine Paper
    A4 Notebook, please
  • Faber Castell blue fountain pen ink
    I have a different pen for each blue
    Midnight Blue, Cobalt Blue, Royal Blue, Violet Blue
  • Washi Tape
    Thank You, Japan
  • Pen Rolls
    Because you can’t just toss a piston-filled pen into the bottom of a bag and call it a day, and also I did say “fetish”


My Goodreads has a lot of my favorites
though, frankly, it’s hit-or-miss on if I update it.