I don’t know what to do…

So this blog, in its poetry incarnation, is coming up on a year.

I don’t have any kind of readership. I wasn’t expecting wild success, legions of Twitter accounts quivering at my every update, etc. But I did want someone besides a spam bot to read my work.

At this point, the only time someone alive reads this site is either when 1) I “pay” for it (i.e. a critique group) or 2) Someone gets a chapbook and wanders in briefly. #1 is much more common than #2, historically.

I don’t know if being really ill for almost a month has given me new perspective, or just made me pessimistic. I realize that, on a level, I should be passionate about my poetry regardless of audience. And I am. But WRITING poetry is a different act than PUBLISHING it.

It’s true that mine isn’t the only blog online to soldier on unvisited. All the literature on getting an online audience reads like a self-help book: lots of vague tips and fodder for daydreams, but no step-by-step guide on how to actually accomplish it. I guess, just like improving yourself, getting an online audience is a lot more nuanced and difficult than people would expect.

It would be lovely if someone came in and told me that I’m just too negative, that I do indeed have an extant—if meager—audience. So, if you’re reading this and you feel like posting something, please do.

Though, who am I kidding? The only way this page will get traffic is if the spam bots flag enough words.

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