Straight Shakespeare

Let’s talk, for a moment, about the Sonnets—
you know, those Sonnets, the ones by Shakespeare,
specifically, the ones to the beautiful young man
whom Ginesberg called Shakespeare’s boyfriend, but…

But I prefer—I really do!—to imagine
that Shakespeare was totally, completely
balls-deep in pussy and lovin’ it
heterosexual (and really
how could you conceive Ophelia without being a bit mad over women),
totally straight, except that
as an artist
as a man dedicated to beauty and therefore truth
(or is it truth and therefore beauty?)…

…as a poet, well us poets you see,
us artists, even the best of us,
mine for gold; we pan, we dig
we search and search for new territories, and
amidst the chivalrous age
when the whole world bowed
to the clarity, the soft and bright hum
of woman
Shakespeare stopped to notice
stopped to show us
and how they become subtly
beautiful creatures.