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Meet Micayla Milne, Stalker

Apparently, sending someone a nasty email six weeks ago gets me this:

Here Micayla Milne, a block and half from my house, which is in the middle of a remote bedroom community

Here Micayla Milne, a block and half from my house, which is in the middle of a remote bedroom community


To be fair, she did build her entire LIFE around Twitter, and when I spent 3 minutes at the Twitter analytic website confirming my suspicion that all her followers were spam accounts, and included that fact in my nasty email to her, well how could she HELP but trek across half of San Diego county with a prop clipboard so as to not seem out of place wandering a residential bedroom community in the middle of the afternoon. Of course if she had waited for her Uber—or whatever—at Santee Trolley Center, which is about a mile in the other direction and is a legitimate transport hub for the county, she’d have plausible deniability. Like everything in her life, I guess though, she’s not very good at stalking.

Upending at Upender, Up, End, Um…

Can I cross the Facebook without it flooding?

Oregon Trail? Online Trail!

So a good literary friend—a good acquaintance, a very good/close friend vis-a-vis writing—has finished his novel and started an online lit mag. Unfortunately, he has some really good ideas and some compelling contributors (like me, I ‘d like to think), which means of course that it’s even more all the heartbreaking—all the more harder to ignore—when it doesn’t make the splash I feel it should. I’m fairly sure my friend is running head-long into the issues I’ve had with this blog—there is still no clear path for writers online, and your popularity on social media isn’t always commensurate with the quality of your writing (see here for further discussion); as such, the old media vanguards still serve an important function.

And yet, TC’s lit mag is as good as—or better than—many of the bespoke, academia-driven ISBN-bearing “anointed” literary journals. TC is a pioneer, this blog is a pioneer, but what no one wants to talk about is all the glory is in hindsight; most pioneers starved, died from dysentary.

I really hope Upender doesn’t die from dysentary.

Inaugural Reading For The 2014-2015 San Diego Poetry Annual

The first of a series of readings from this year’s poetry annual was tonight at the Point Loma public library (Point Loma is a beach community in San Diego).

I also got to finally pick up a copy of the annual; I’m on page 10! 😀

My Poem "Moisture" In The 2014-2015 Annual

My Poem “Moisture” In The 2014-2015 Annual

Published in another anthology!

The San Diego Poetry Annual publishes a yearly anthology representing San Diego area poets. For their 2014-2015 anthology, they accepted my poem, “Moisture.” Copies of the annual are donated to various libraries around the county, so I’m officially going to be a small part of San Diego literary history. Interested? You can pick up a copy here.

I had frankly held off announcing the publication here until the last minute; there was some question as to if my poem was actually accepted. Happily, all the confusion cleared, and I will indeed be in the anthology. I’m hoping to make some of the anthology readings that the organization hosts throughout the year.

I’m also hoping to submit to a magazine soon—an honest-to-goodness magazine! But *knockOnWood* I’m not announcing where just yet… 😉

New audio coming soon!

I know I made some “promises” about reading my poems aloud and making those readings available online. Frankly, though, I was unhappy with the equipment I was using. A better audio interface improved things somewhat, but the dynamic microphone I was using was still better suited for rugged performance, not studio recording. Recently, I got a USB condenser microphone, but I couldn’t use it until today because it needs a “pop” filter—a screen to suppress the little gust-of-wind noises that come from speaking directly into a sensitive microphone.

So I’ll be redoing the poem I already put up here, and I’ll finally be reading more of my poems for online listening. In the meantime, you can check out a preview by listening to me read Shakespeare’s Sonnet #30 on dropBrian.

DMCA? You don’t say?

I try to give credit to everything I post on my social media; still, if someone really wants something taken down, down it goes. I respect artistic authorship.

That image associated with this post? It’s mine. Find it here.

Some really just don’t understand about making art, I guess. I hope I won’t need a restraining order; from what I understand, that was necessary at one point.