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While snapBrian has my casual photography efforts, my more serious work is hosted as a portfolio:

Brian Thedell Photography

snapBrian: too good for Instagram, not good enough for SmugMug

My photography portfolio is mostly composition heavy black and white images (often flowers) shot on medium format or 4×5 large format film. They’re gorgeous, but admittedly monotonous. In addition, I have spent the past—well, gosh—seven or eight years doing various photography projects: digital infrared, digital pinhole, film pinhole, digital but with a nice lens (Canon L represent!), digital with a ridiculously expensive lens I had to rent (Zeiss), film in medium format, film in large format, film in classic film cameras, film in 35mm, etc.

Through all this, I have a lot of fun, interesting images. I have a lot of selfies and GPOY, too. Probably hundreds of images, at least a third of which are actually pretty good, if I do say so myself.

So, really awesome images that don’t quite fit in my portfolio, but that would still probably be appreciated by someone out there, will be going to..:

snapBrian, my photography Tumblr blog!

The sort of thing you’d expect at dropBrian

DropBrian is where I put all my online poetry; here is the beginning of a recent poem:

I am from the bow that split the waves of the Atlantic
the force of human will beyond ancient Valhalla—
they pilgrimaged across those waves
for a new God, a new country.

And that note which preceded me,
that sea salt tone that faded, remains as harmony
to the sound of gravel alongside the desert freeway
—for that is where I truly come from:
the taste and smell of dust and tire rubber,
the powder of desert, like sun-bleached soot…
and I am from the faint scent
that draws the wolves
down from the mountain.

Welcome to the new

Where did the poetry go? What about Brian’s photography? Why does he need three different Tumblr blogs? WHAT IS GOING ON?

It’s okay. It’s gonna be alright. The poetry has moved to DropBrian; Brian’s official, spiffy SmugMug-run photography portfolio is at Brian Thedell Photography; he’s also got a Tumblr for casual photography at SnapBrian.

But that’s only two Tumblr blogs you say? There is a third, secret Tumblr. Only the righteous and pure of heart ever reach it. If you think you are worthy (and fancy pictures of chubby middle aged men in various stages of undress), go ahead and email me, and I’ll tell you about it…