Howdy Everybody

Howdy! After months and months of laying low, I’m back online, ready to update my rogue mad WordPress. I’m Brian, a poet, n’er do well, photographer, priest of nothing, music producer, and 21st century dandy. My poetry/spoken work Soundcloud is here. You can find my online photography portfolio here. My drum’n’bass Soundcloud is here.
Please note: I won’t be “posting” on any schedule here, but I will post as new things arise, as links become relevant, as my projects sprawl, etc.

Re Re Welcome Welcome

I’m back! Don’t call it a comeback! I been here for years!
Brian alive at 41… 42 should I make it to October 30, 2018.
The answer to life the universe and everything, afterall.
If you miss one of my poems, please tell me so; I’m sure I’ll put it back 🙂