…to go around saying I was on PreP before it was cool?

Because I was. I was the first patient in my entire medical group to go on it. And it’s pretty fucking awesome.

That is all.

I remember reading something about Coldplay, to the effect that they used to be an indie band recording the video for “Yellow” off a cloudy beach, but they’re a world-ranging mega band now and pretensions toward indie-hood just ring hollow. Likewise, suburban kid gone native served me well into my 30s; I currently own, among other things, a fountain pen costing literally 100 times the price of a single Bic Cristal—a humble, sincere pose just isn’t frankly that sincere of me, these days. Sophistication, though, has its place in the world. If David Bowie taught us anything.

That is all.

Ave Maria

The Schubert version of Ave Maria makes me feel happy and at peace with my life. That is all.

Brian in Bowie Makeup

Me at Red Poets’ Society, San Diego, Jan 13 2016

Halloween 2015 one of my friends held a David Bowie themed party; my husband and I got wigs and makeup ala the Ziggy Stardust / Aladdin Sane era David Bowie. I sure wish he hadn’t passed on so soon, but if he’s got to go, at least he’s left me with the courage to wear Sugar Pill glitter to a poetry reading. 😉

I’m not one to be “trendy bitter” about New Years’ resolutions; I did that whole bitter thing for Valentine’s Day way back when I was single, and it’s gotten tired. Instead, I wholly support certain kinds of resolutions—namely ones with concrete goals that can be met after specific periods. E.g., my office was completely rearranged for me when I came back from the hospital and needed a wheelchair; it’s now time to finally organize it back to something sensible and useful for someone who can get up, stand, walk, etc.

My sweet husband is helping, of course; I can walk and whatnot, but I still need help moving large objects, picking debris off the ground, etc. Hopefully, within a weekend or two I can have a desk next to a window and a couch in a relaxing, reading-friendly nook on the opposite side of the office. This reorganization should make it easier and more pleasant to get work done at home—no more fleeing to a cafe to read; yay! :)

I thought of titling this post, “lightning strikes, maybe once, maybe twice” (Stevie Nicks is the inspiration for this site’s tagline, afterall). Lightning is chance, though, and Poetry is chance + hard work :) Anyway, more anthology news, this time from the San Diego Poetry Annual; they’ve put up the listing for the 2015-16 Anthology; I’m on page 286. In addition, to celebrate the SDWI anthology acceptance, my husband bought me some lovely blue shades of Faber Castell ink at Massdrop. So, a pretty awesome day :)

San Diego Writers Ink, a local non profit focused on writing and personal creativity, publishes an literary anthology annually. My poem will be in the upcoming volume (mentioned here (earlier). From the email notice:

Congratulations! Your manuscript, listed below, has been selected for publication in A Year in Ink, Volume 9.

Congratulations on your selection!

Title of Selection: “Less Here”

And I don’t stop 😉

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