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DMCA? You don’t say?

I try to give credit to everything I post on my social media; still, if someone really wants something taken down, down it goes. I respect artistic authorship.

That image associated with this post? It’s mine. Find it here.

Some really just don’t understand about making art, I guess. I hope I won’t need a restraining order; from what I understand, that was necessary at one point.

And now for something random.

Thanks to some randomness, I was able to pick up a peachy keen Chris Foss book.

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas (War Is Over)

Still avidly converting oxygen into carbon dioxide…

…as in, I’m still alive. And still recovering from the immuno-suppressant-induced coma from last year (!)… I didn’t feel so self conscious about my leg braces, until Cyanide and Happiness did a short where a beautiful woman revealed to have squeaky leg braces is the first in a series of “the saddest things the comic author could conceive of.”

So, in addition to dealing with disability, it’s the Christmas season and whatnot; I probably won’t have any new poems until the new year. I might go ahead and try to record some poems and put up the mp3s or Soundcloud them or something.

Also, I need to attend to my dropBrian Tumblr, which is growing weeds it’s so neglected. I actually am really happy with that Tumblr; while I don’t have many regular followers, I get lots of random people on Tumblr liking my poems, which is gratifying. Before, when I just published here, I’m pretty sure my only reader was this bitter old hater who is obsessed that I’m writing about her—I’m not. Also, don’t ACTUAL victims of stalking and rape usually AVOID enthusiastically dating their stalker-rapist? But I forgot, her life is essentially a bad Friday night drama that’s burned through its premise…

Me Reading My Poems? Yup…

I’ve decided to start providing my poetry as audio, starting with:

Me, reading my poem “I’m Sorry, Buddy Holly”—you can find the poem’s text here.

When You Were So Young

[Note: This was originally published on Tumblr; since I’m actively cross-pollinating now, I’m publishing here.]

You were so young, then. I remember
when I met you, that I could just remember
what it was like to be that young.
I don’t guess you’re quite so young
now; now I only remember remembering.

Of course, I remember you. I think
you’re growing bald a bit, but
of course I don’t care—the scorch marks
of age never quite make you any less
handsome, at least not from my
shifting view.

Time and place—all our places travel with us;
sunbleached paint and dirty baseboards
mark time with their cues of growing decay.
Your eyes are still so bright.

I thought time would make you less timid, but then
I never really understood you, never really
got why you didn’t fight through life, why you
just went limp in the face of everything.
If only someone could carry you.
If only I could carry you.
If only there were something more to do
than watch.

Auden said that time and fevers
burn away—and he’s right;
love is the ash, the residue
of my fevered time; my love for you is
dusty, remote, like a long neglected cabin
at the end of wild, feral trails.

It’s something that I’ve put in a box and
tucked into the back of the hallway closet;
maybe it will soak up the soft scent of the linens.
And I’m sorry I left you behind. I didn’t want to leave you
alone there; I wanted to burn with you.

But now, I’m married.

Cobain would rhyme that with buried—and
he’d be right. But we can both remember before;
we can both remember that I knew you
when you were so young…

Free Stuff! (Chapbook…)

So, I’ve decided to give away free copies of my last printed chapbook, “American Method.” I’ll even mail it, if you live in the continental United States. Details are here on dropBrian.

You’re welcome.

:)—My Portfolio

While snapBrian has my casual photography efforts, my more serious work is hosted as a portfolio:

Brian Thedell Photography

snapBrian: too good for Instagram, not good enough for SmugMug

My photography portfolio is mostly composition heavy black and white images (often flowers) shot on medium format or 4×5 large format film. They’re gorgeous, but admittedly monotonous. In addition, I have spent the past—well, gosh—seven or eight years doing various photography projects: digital infrared, digital pinhole, film pinhole, digital but with a nice lens (Canon L represent!), digital with a ridiculously expensive lens I had to rent (Zeiss), film in medium format, film in large format, film in classic film cameras, film in 35mm, etc.

Through all this, I have a lot of fun, interesting images. I have a lot of selfies and GPOY, too. Probably hundreds of images, at least a third of which are actually pretty good, if I do say so myself.

So, really awesome images that don’t quite fit in my portfolio, but that would still probably be appreciated by someone out there, will be going to..:

snapBrian, my photography Tumblr blog!

The sort of thing you’d expect at dropBrian

DropBrian is where I put all my online poetry; here is the beginning of a recent poem:

I am from the bow that split the waves of the Atlantic
the force of human will beyond ancient Valhalla—
they pilgrimaged across those waves
for a new God, a new country.

And that note which preceded me,
that sea salt tone that faded, remains as harmony
to the sound of gravel alongside the desert freeway
—for that is where I truly come from:
the taste and smell of dust and tire rubber,
the powder of desert, like sun-bleached soot…
and I am from the faint scent
that draws the wolves
down from the mountain.